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What is a Public Auction?
A public auction is where the public can bid on autos, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, and other equipment for sale just like the dealers do when they need to replenish their used or pre-owned lots!

Of course, this means that the units you bid upon are rough; they’ve not been fixed up and may need repairs to be fully road-worthy and dependable. However, the cost savings can be significant -- between 30% and 60% less than book value for the same unit on a dealer’s lot.

Unlike a dealer’s lot, all bids are binding, and there is no “Buyer’s Remorse” period. Your bid is legally binding and can’t be taken back; and your winning bid can’t be unwound. Buyer Beware. It is your responsibility to preview the unit before bidding and to make your own assessment as to its worthiness for your bid.

You need to be aware that the winning bid price is only a part of the total payment to satisfy your purchase. There will be buyer’s fees, taxes, and possibly other fees. Our representatives can provide you with a list of fees you can expect to tack on to your winning bid price for the payment you need to make at the end of the sale.

Just because you bid the highest does not mean that you will win the bid and take the unit home. Many sellers set a Reserve Price, also known as a Floor price, that is the minimum price they will accept to sell the unit.

This is a consignment Auction and we do not release the seller’s information due to privacy policy.

Auctions are not for everyone, and you need to take this into consideration and understand there are units that range from poor to great. Coming in person is a key component to assist you in knowing the difference from one car to another. Relying on online pictures and our descriptions are not a realistic way to identify a good unit, it is only a start to help you narrow your search of acceptable units upon which to bid. However, coming in person and testing a unit beforehand is going to go a long way to make sure you are bidding on a unit that is in line with your expectations.

What does the RED LIGHT mean?
The vehicle is being sold "AS-IS" mechanically and is not covered under Arbitration Rules.

Do You Finance?
We do not finance nor do we provide financing options. You can set up financing at your financial institution and bring in a “bank letter” indicating you have sufficient funds to cover your purchases.

Do Auction Units Come with Titles?
Yes. All units come with titles unless noted in the description.

Do Auction Units Have Clean Titles?
Yes. All units come with clean titles unless as indicated by a Yellow Light and an announcement is made. So be sure to pay attention to the Auctioneer during the Auction before bidding.

Do You Auction Salvaged or Flood Units?
No. We do not sell Salvage or Flood units. We require a title to be provided when units come in, and we check over the branding of that title. As a result, we do not accept Salvage or Flood titled units from the consigners / sellers.

Do you Issue Temporary Plates and
Will I be able to get one at the Auction?

No: We do not issue temporary plates. Once you win the unit, we will give you the keys, title, and bill of sale. At that point, the car is yours to do with as you please. You are responsible to supply your own plates and proof of insurance or have it delivered to your home or destination through a transportation/tow company/U-Haul/trailer.

Can I sell my car at the Public Auction?
Yes. You will need to complete a Consignor Registration Form and pay the associated fees. You can contact us for more information.